Maximizing Your Medical Billing Collections

Why Hire A Medical Billing Company
for Collections

AMS has over 30 years of experience negotiating with insurance companies, appealing claim denials, and following up with guarantors. We keep track of all A/R, analyze opportunities carefully, and strategically follow-up. Three decades of specialized experience have generated a suite of tools, processes, and best practices that we use every day to increase cashflow and keep A/R at a minimum for your practice. We are confident that we will provide excellent medical billing collection services to your healthcare business.

Medical billing companies are very useful for medical providers because they can help to collect unpaid hospital bills. If a patient’s insurance refuses to pay, the patient is responsible for paying the bill themselves and if they fail to do so- often invoices go into collections. 

Billing services provide a valuable service by contacting patients and reminding them of their overdue payments, which in turn increases success rates with collecting these payments.

Insurance and Guarantor Follow-Up
Our account representatives work hard to ensure claims are received, overdue payments are recovered, denied claims are followed, and claims that are kept pending for information are addressed. As a result, our clients enjoy reduced time to payment for outstanding accounts, helping them to maintain a healthy cash flow and financial stability.
Appeal and Denial Management
Failing to adequately work claims denials translates to lost revenue for your medical practice. Our account representatives expertly research reasons for denials, collect necessary documentation, and submit appeals that maximize your reimbursement. Our appeals services are backed by state of the art strategies that have developed out of a long history of data collection that helps us optimize our approach to both standard and exceptional denial cases.
Credit Balance Resolution
Credit balances arise due to incorrect adjustments, erroneous credits, improper use of procedure / debit codes, duplicate payments, and overpayments. By law, credit balances must be resolved, and failure to do so in a timely manner can keep your credits accumulating, making your practice liable for fines. When payment is posted, we carefully analyze the charge amount and payment distribution, report credit balances to both the provider and the payer, and resolve credit balance accounts in a timely manner.
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Accurate and timely claim submissions that minimize denials
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How Can Collections Be Prevented in
Health Practices?

Patient accounts going to collections is a problem that no one wants to deal with. For the medical industry, it can lead to serious consequences and financial losses. One way to avoid this is by implementing a system of collecting payments before the service is rendered.

The first step in preventing collections is by installing an automated payment system. This will make it easier for patients to pay their bills and for doctors’ offices to collect payments at all times.

Another option would be for doctors’ offices to offer discounts for those who pay in full upfront. This will not only save on financial losses but also increase the number of patients that are able to afford health care services.

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