The most common way for small and medium-sized private or partnership practices to run their dermatology medical billing is in-house because the assumption is that keeping everything under one roof makes it easier to manage and stay updated. However, in practice, this is often far from what happens. In most cases, practices that maintain in-house dermatology billing services end up spending more time and money than they would have otherwise, which is revenue that would be better spent on patients and care.

An incredibly underutilized solution to this is to choose from the leading dermatology billing companies and choose one to partner with. This will help you maximize your revenue, efficiency, and effectiveness, while minimizing coding and billing errors that lead to rejected claims, wasted time and money, and lost revenue. It also frees up your office staff to focus on their primary duties of providing top-tier care for your patients. 

The leading dermatology billing companies will use technology that is at the forefront of the coding and billing industry, and will provide a service level for your practice that you probably didn’t think was possible from outsourced coding and billing talent. They will also frequently manage some of the practices back-end functions and administrative duties, such as collections and scheduling. Here’s more information about working with a dermatology medical billing company.

The Pros of Choosing a Top-Rated Billing Company

Complete & Comprehensive Dermatology Billing Services

At our medical billing company in Texas, our team of expert medical billing professionals are not only highly trained and specialized in their focus, but they are also kept up-to-date on all of the most recent industry changes, updates, and conventions. We invest heavily in making sure our coding and billing professionals are at the pinnacle of accuracy and compliance. 

Our personnel are also trained in the specific challenges that working in dermatology medical billing will bring. This includes being proficient in ICD9, ICD10, CPT, and HCPCS coding that is based on AMA and CMS guidelines. They are also all kept in current certification by the American Academy of Professional Coders or the AAPC.

The team you work with will understand the big picture of surgical packages for the dermatological field. From pre-op visits, intraoperative services, and post-op care, to things like general supplies, wound care, and potential related complications. They are also deeply familiar with the CPT codes provided for various procedures, as well as their periods. 

We have expertise and experience in all fields of dermatology, including but never limited to:

  • Medical Dermatology
  • Pediatric Dermatology
  • Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Surgical dermatology
  • Dermatopathology
  • Dermatoimmunology

Because we take on the responsibility of maintaining the billing and coding talent, you can leverage a dermatology billing company as a service, rather than an employee. This means you can count on your billing partners having all current certifications, and maintaining the highest level of compliance and training, which boosts your revenue and makes sure you stay on the right side of all pertinent regulations and standards. 


Accurate and timely claim submissions that minimize denials
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Dedicated professionals that increase cash flow and reduce A/R 
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Consistent maintenance to confirm compliance 
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Precise services that monitor and drive results 
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Let us take billing, credentialing and collections off your plate

Major Benefits Of Partnering With A Dermatology Medical Billing Company

This list of benefits won’t be exhaustive, and depending on the needs and unique situation of your practice you may even find an entirely different array of benefits. However, this will give you a good idea of what you can expect when partnering with a dermatology billing company. 

Maintain Seamless Compliance

Since you won’t be employing any billing and coding personnel, you and your organization can save the time and money needed to ensure continuing education and industry compliance. The company you partner with will often be heavily investing in their own staff’s development, so they can remain competitive in the billing and coding outsourcing industry.


This always-up-to-date compliance means that you won’t have to worry about claims being rejected for coding updates that came out a few months ago. You don’t have to make sure that your billing staff constantly has updated credentials from certifying bodies, your chosen billing partner will handle all of that for you.

Lower Billing Error Rate

When you have in-house employees handling billing and coding, they are often tasked with other duties as well, meaning nothing is getting their full attention, which leads to a far higher error rate in billing and claims submitted. Your billing company will ensure that your claims are completed and error-checked before submission, to drastically reduce the chance of a potentially rejected claim. This reduction in claims rejections means a shorter billing and payment cycle for your practice.

Boosted Revenue

When small and medium practices partner with a billing company, they can often count on seeing a revenue increase of 10%-30%, or more, depending on the specifics of the practice. Since you and your staff will have more time to focus on patients, you’ll be able to provide care for more patients in a day, and with more scheduling accuracy. 


This can lead to significant increases in revenue, as well as higher patient volume. This higher patient volume leads to even greater revenue, and when you eliminate the losses incurred by in-house billing issues, you can even increase the overall profitability of your practice. 

Decreased Administrative Burden

One of the biggest drawbacks to keeping coding and billing in-house is the administration that goes along with it. Not only does your staff need to worry about accurately coding and billing, but also payment tracking, resubmission of rejected claims, and even collections. This is another way that your staff’s attention is pulled away from patient care and toward other duties. When you outsource these duties to a billing company, you will find that you’ve taken a significant amount off of your plate. 

Increased Focus On Patient Care

The processes of coding and billing are part of the core operations of the healthcare industry, even though the primary goal of healthcare is to care for the patient. When you outsource your dermatology billing and coding needs to a company that specializes in such, you free up more of your time as well as your staff’s, to facilitate a higher level of patient care. Better care will always lead to increased revenue.

Improved Patient Satisfaction Rate

When your staff can focus their attention on the patient and the care they receive, it is automatically reflected in the patient satisfaction scores. In many cases, your billing company can also handle customer service issues and billing questions for patients. This means more referrals and word-of-mouth business, leading to fuller appointment books, and higher, more consistent revenue.

Secure Confidential Data

Personal confidential medical data is the most valuable type of data, and the type most often sought by those looking to steal personal information. Partnering with a medical billing company can help you stay compliant with HIPAA and other regulations, and more effectively keep your patients’ data safe.

AMS Solutions Can Be Your Billing And Coding Partner

For small and medium practices, errors in dermatology medical billing can lead to significant loss of revenue, as well as lost time that is spent correcting and resubmitting claims. On top of all of that, there is the time and attention that is required of your staff, which then takes them away from other duties. To begin leveraging a leading dermatology medical billing company, contact AMS Solutions, and tell us what your needs are.  

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