Chiropractors are healthcare providers that generally operate in smaller locations, such as small to mid-sized offices and practices, which often means that those chiropractors handle their laundry list of medical billing services using in-house staff. While at first, this may seem like an ideal practice, since it keeps the billing managed locally and is assumed to allow more control and management, the truth is it often complicates the process and costs the practice money.

When the billing is handled by local employees, it takes time, and since it isn’t their primary duty it doesn’t get their full focus or attention. This means the billing, claim tracking, error-correcting, denial resubmission, and so on, also don’t get the full attention, and neither job is done correctly. To prevent this, many chiropractors are starting to realize that outsourcing medical billing is a great way to make sure the work is still done without putting it on your staff.

Partnering with a medical billing service for chiropractors like AMS Solutions can have many benefits for your practice. Not only will it free up your local employees, but it can even provide substantial increases in revenue and a lower overall workload for your office staff. Here’s more about what you can expect by migrating from a local billing department to an outsourced one. 

Comprehensive Medical Billing For Chiropractors

AMS Solutions specializes in providing medical billing solutions for chiropractors and practices that offer chiropractic services, and we take on the entire burden of vetting them, training them, keeping them compliant, and ensuring that they consistently meet the regulatory and compliance standards set by the industry. By offering coding and billing services to businesses they are able to help provide leading billing solutions with seamless compliance and payor regulation adherence. 

Partnering with our medical billing company in Dallas means your practice will always have a coding and billing solution scaled directly to its needs. This means that depending on the needs of your practice, you may be working directly with just a single billing specialist, or you may be working with a team of them. No matter what your organization’s needs are, the experts assigned to your practice will have a firm grasp of the big picture of chiropractics, so that they can help manage the unique challenges that working with chiropractors’ offices creates.

Having all of the coding, billing, and collections efforts maintained on-site or in-house is a relatively large commitment for chiropractors. Not only do you need to maintain all of the staff needed to perform the billing tasks for the practice, but that staff also needs to be paid, and in some practices, they may require benefits as well. With outsourcing, all of this is handled and taken care of by the service itself.

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Major Benefits Of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services For Chiropractors

Depending on the particular circumstances of your practice, there are countless potential benefits that may be experienced when a chiropractor’s office switches over to managed billing services. With that in mind, this list should give you a good idea of what benefits are commonly seen when using a billing service, as opposed to using in-house billing.

Fewer Billing Errors

Commonly when billing is done in-house, it’s done by employees who have other jobs or duties. This may be helping with reception, or it can sometimes be other medical assistants or aides that may be needed to assist with treatments. Either way, without dedicated billing staff, there is an increased potential for errors since their attention is divided. Errors mean higher rates of rejected claims and longer revenue cycles, which means lost time and money. Partnering with AMS Solutions means you’ll have dedicated billing staff who can focus on your account so that your claims are submitted error-free. 

Increased Revenue

Revenue is critical for smaller chiropractic practices, and many providers see an immediate spike in revenue within the first few weeks to a few months of working with a billing services partner. In some cases, the rise in revenue is around 10%, though in some cases it can be 30% or more depending on the situation your practice is in. Additionally, while your staff has been able to pay more attention to the patients, more referrals have led to more appointments and more overall revenue.

Effortless Compliance

One of the big challenges with keeping billing in-house is keeping staff trained to all current standards and regulations, and making sure that they have demonstrated compliance in dealing with medical records and personal confidential information. When new training or compliance testing is needed, they are out of the office and unavailable, so not only is there a financial cost but a workforce cost as well. Partnering with a leading medical billing service for chiropractors like AMS Solutions means that all of that training, compliance and regulatory adherence is all on us, so you can focus on what you do best, treating patients. 

Lower Administrative Burden

There is a significant amount of clerical and administrative work that needs to be done for billing and claims to be submitted or subsequently corrected. When moving the billing duties off-site, all of that burden is eliminated, often providing a substantial amount of increased focus for the employees

Increased Focus On The Patient

Billing that is handled by in-house staff inherently takes away from the ability of the staff handling it to focus on the patients, leading to issues with patient satisfaction. Delegating billing work to a billing specialist can eliminate a large portion of administrative and clerical work for employees, which allows them to provide a better level of care to their patients. 

Higher Patient Satisfaction Levels

Once employees are relieved of the need to handle billing tasks, they begin focusing more on the patient. This increased focus on the patient naturally results in better patient care, and better patient care leads to increased patient satisfaction levels. This is one of the benefits that can be seen from the very day that AMS begins handling the billing, and employees have more time to focus on their patients. When patients are happier, they refer other patients, keeping your appointment book and revenue levels looking healthy.

Data Security

Data security is rapidly becoming one of the biggest concerns in the tech, business, and healthcare landscape, and with hackers and cybercriminals increasingly targeting healthcare organizations, it’s more important than ever to keep your patient’s personal confidential data secure. Personal confidential data is the most valuable and medical records are often targeted because they are so dense with personal information. Managing data security while running in-house billing can be an incredible challenge, simply due to how many people may be accessing it. Outsourcing billing services can help reduce or even eliminate this potential risk.


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Partner With AMS Solutions For Premium Chiropractic Billing

For chiropractors that run smaller practices, even those with mid-sized operations, working proactively to ensure your claims and billing are accurate can make all the difference. You’ll find that once you switch over from local medical billing to medical billing services, you can find it far easier to provide a much higher standard of care to your patients. That means happier patients and more appointments. Reach out to AMS Solutions and talk to us about the needs of your practice, and we’ll tell you how we can help.


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