Should I Outsource My Medical Billing?

If you’re an administrator for a healthcare provider or operate your practice, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Should I outsource my medical billing?”, and if so, you’re not alone. In the constantly evolving field of healthcare, countless healthcare professionals grapple with this question every day. Effectively navigating the ocean of complexities of medical billing can be intimidating, overwhelming, and worst of all, time-consuming. So many providers are turning to outsourcing as a solution for their medical billing workload, but is it the right decision for your practice? That’s what we’re going to look at here, so let’s get to it.

Biggest Benefits Of Outsourcing Medical Billing

While each practice will undoubtedly see benefits unique to its operating circumstances and needs, some of the biggest benefits will be seen across most providers. Here’s a look at the most common and prominent benefits nearly every practice can appreciate. 

Time Savings and Efficiency

Without a doubt, one of the biggest benefits of partnering with an outsourced billing provider is the amount of time you can potentially save by outsourcing your medical billing workload. When healthcare providers try to manage billing in-house, the process can be exhaustive, requiring them to balance patient care with tedious administrative tasks.

Outsourcing frees up your in-house team to focus on their core duties. Your front desk team won’t have to juggle billing and appointment booking, and your patient care team won’t need to mix exam room time with 

Access to Expertise and Reduced Errors

Outsourcing your medical billing also gives you access to an army of professionals who specialize in just that. At AMS Solutions, we take pride in being able to deliver our team’s accuracy, up-to-date billing regulations knowledge, and speed, to practices that need help effectively managing their administrative work. This all adds up to fewer errors, quicker payments, and overall smoother daily operations. 

Financial Savings

Another critical point of medical billing outsourcing, and whether or not it’s the right choice for you, is the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing versus keeping the work in-house. Hiring an in-house billing team will, at the very least, require screening candidates, allocating salaries, paying for benefits, conducting onboarding, supplemental or ongoing training as needed, and core infrastructure costs. For small or even medium-sized practices, this can lead to a substantial investment.

In contrast, outsourcing can eliminate virtually all of these challenges or costs for your practice. Your billing team comes already screened, trained, and ready to handle your office’s billing needs. This cuts your overhead down by a considerable margin, makes your costs more predictable, and allows you to shift the cost out of payroll and into a monthly service expense.

Why AMS Is the Leader in Medical Billing Solutions

AMS Solutions is renowned for delivering highly accurate, efficient, and reliable medical billing and collection services. Our robust technology, coupled with our team’s profound expertise, ensures your practice remains compliant while also increasing your revenue. We also stay up-to-date on all billing regulations and industry best practices, so that you don’t have to and so that your business can steer clear of violations and penalties like fines. 

Partner With The Medical Billing Leader For Your Billing & Collections Needs

So, should you outsource your medical billing? The benefits are clear: increased efficiency, access to expertise, cost savings, and more. AMS Solutions places as high of a value on your practice’s success as much as you do, providing superior service to help you focus on what truly matters, and giving your patients an unbeatable level of care. Reach out to AMS today for a free consultation, and allow us to design a customized solution to enhance your practice’s financial health while you concentrate on the rest of your practice.

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